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“PKC’s mission is to improve health and longevity of patients with chronic diseases, such as cancer and other diseases related to the Central Nervous System, through early detection and optimized treatment using our smart, implantable local delivery device. PKC’s Metronomic Biofeedback Pump (MBP) is expected to enhance drug efficacy, significantly reduce side effects to patients, and improve patient quality of life, all while reducing the cost burden to patients and to our healthcare system.”


How We Intend to Bring Our Mission to Reality
Every twenty four hours, the body of each human on our planet produces one million cancer cells. Our immune system fights these cancer cells and most often wins the battle every day. Due to weakness of the immune system and reasons that are still unknown, one cancer cell from these one million cells can remain in the body. This rogue cancer cell will then start to grow and can metastasize. The science and medical community unequivocally agrees that - were we capable of detecting these metastatic cancer cells before they grow to about 1 gram in critical mass (about 1 cc in volume) - current treatment modalities could defend against the cancer and save every life.


Pharmaco-Kinesis Corp, by applying its proprietary Nano-Based Impedance Biosensor (NIB) and our advanced implantable, smart drug delivery device, the MBP, is able to provide the means to patients and physicians to detect cancer cells before they reach a 1 gram mass. In addition, the MBP is able to administer controllable, adjustable, and programmable local delivery of medications, including “cocktails,” such as adjustable mixtures of pharmaceuticals and nano-pharmaceuticals. Through early detection, locally administered medication, and virtually real-time biofeedback on the effects of the medications being delivered, PKC can bring its mission to reality.


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