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Sensor-Kinesis Scientific Advisory Board

The Members of the PKC Sensor-Kinesis Scientific Advisory Board are among the most highly respected, globally-renowned practitioners in the field of advanced virus and pathogen detection development. It is the professional dedication of these leaders in their field to the longevity and health of their patients that has motivated these brilliant physicians and researchers to accept special invitations from PKC to contribute their expertise, collective judgment, extensive experience, and commitment to advance the efficacy of treatment modalities by consulting in the development of neuro-oncological medical devices at PKC. They will guide PKC in understanding the end user needs of practitioners and patients in the development of highly advanced technology smart drug delivery systems applied to neuro-oncology that will enhance the quality of life and longevity of patients and advance the field of neuro-oncological treatment.


PKC management extends its gratitude and appreciation to these distinguished experts who have lent their talents to guiding PKC in its efforts to advance its bio-sensor technology in the field of early pathogen and virus detection.


For more information or to inguire about partnering with PKC, please email us at:

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