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06/14 - Defense Department Funds Nanotech Organ Injury Detection
04/14 - Major Sign Of Kidney And Heart Damage Often Ignored
10/13 - IPO Market Welcomes Many Companies.
09/13 - PKC to Present at 6th Annual BioPharm Convention.
07/13 - Large Device Firms Seek Alliances With Small Startups.
07/13 - Interest in Biotech IPOs see dramatic increase.
05/13 - Merck, Celgene Cancer Nanomeds Combined For Better Delivery
11/12 - Evaluate Pharma Article Points Out Major Shift In Pharma Market As Proprietary Patents Expire.
10/12 - Prof. Zhang to Make Key Presentation at AIChE Annual Meeting.
09/12 - PKC Validated by Medtronic Announcement.
09/12 - Roche CEO Shares PKC Vision.
09/12 - Rare Diseases Mean Big Profits for Pharma Industry.
08/12 - Another Alzheimer’s Antibody Drug Failed In Large Clinical Trials.
08/12 - Setback in Alzheimer's Drug Trials Leaves the Industry Plotting What Comes Next.
06/12 - PKC's Vision is Shared by Leaders in the Industry. 
03/12 - Dr. Zhang wins American Chemical Society's Unilever Award for 2012.
02/12 - Advances in Alzheimer's Medication Could Open Up Huge Markets for PKC's MBP.  
11/11 - Dr. Zhang Rolls Out the Trojan Horse to Fight Cancer.
07/11 - Dr. Zhang Speaks About His Nanoparticle Delivery Work. 
06/11 - Big Pharma Tests Effectiveness in Polypharmacy in Fighting Cancer. ..
06/11 - Roche and Merck Collaborate to Develop Diagnostic Tests for Investigational Cancer Therapies. 
04/11 - Eli Lilly and Medtronic Announce Drug-Device Collaboration for Parkinson's Disease.
11/10 - PKC’s Treatment Model is Supported by an Independent Study. e...
10/10 - Bill Gates Shares PKC's Vision of the Future.
06/09 - PKC Concludes Small Animal Study for MBP. 


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