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05/15 - PKC Reveals New Carbon Nanotube BioFET for Analysis of Biomarkers
03/15 - PKC Will Develop Innovative Cloud-Linked Biosensors in Ohio
03/15 - Businesswire Announces Potential Strategic Relationship between PKC and the Ohio Clinical Trials Collaborative
05/14 - Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation Awarded Department of Defense Grant to Develop Biosensor for Early Detection of Acute Organ Injury
03/14 - Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Pharmaco Kinesis Second Year In A Row
11/13 - PKC Founders to Appear on National Cable Show to Air on November 19, 2013
04/13 - PKC Develops First Combinatorial Nano-Drug TNT™
04/13 - Global Media Takes Notice of PKC Advancement in Cancer Treatment Technology
04/13 - PKC Produces The First Generation Biosensor For Detection Of VEGF-165 Tumor Biomarker
02/13 - PKC’s Biosensors to Become new standard in Pathogen Testing
12/12 - Mudit Jain Joins the PKC Board of Directors
11/12 - PKC Engages Dekra to Certify MBP For Commercialization in Europe
10/12 - PKC Moves To EU CE with First Human Studies of MBP in Germany
10/12 - Dr. Manfred Westphal Joins PKC’s Clinical Advisory Board
09/12 - Pharmaco-Kinesis Corp. and USC Sign Testing Agreement
09/12 - PKC Receives Grant From NCI
06/12 - Gregg Pollack Joins the PKC Board of Directors
06/12 – Mike Moshayedi Joins the PKC Board of Directors
06/12 - PKC Announces Issuance of Patent For Artificial Tooth Medicating Apparatus
04/12 - PKC Engages Emergo Group to Support Regulatory Approval of Metronomic Biofeedback Pump
04/12 - PKC Signs Licensing Agreement with UC San Diego
09/11 - PKC Completes $5 Million Round B Financing
09/11 - USC Symposium on Multimodality Treatment of Brain Cancer features PKC's MBP
06/11 - PKC to Conduct First Human Studies of MBP in Madrid, Spain
11/10 - Obama Administration Awards PKC $250K to Develop MBP
10/10 - PKC Nanolab to Trailblaze Biosensors for Cancer Markers and Pathogens
08/10 - PKC Completes First Large Animal Study of MBP
08/10 - PKC Formalizes Agreement with Willowvibe
08/10 - PKC Formalizes Agreement with USC
08/10 - Dr. Chen to Present MBP at International Symposia
04/10 - Dr. Zhang Joins PKC as Chief Nanoengineering Officer
04/10 - PKC Completes Miniaturization of Magnetic Breather Pump
11/09 - Frost & Sullivan to Perform Market Studies on MBP
10/09 - Dr. Chen presents MBP to Neuro Oncology Board
10/09 - Dr. Ruskin Joins PKC Board
09/09 - Dr. Chen presents MBP to Western Neurosurgical Society
09/09 - Patent Issued on PKC TumorFighter™
08/09 - MBP Mannequin Model Completed
06/09 - Animal Tests Support MBP
04/09 - Optical Lab-On-A-Chip POC Completed
04/09 - MBP Proof of Concept Completed
12/08 - Knobbe Martin Olsen and Bears, LLP To Handle IP Portfolio
09/08 - First Annual Clinical Review Announced
06/08 - PKC and USC Join Forces
06/08 - PKC Completes Round A Funding
05/07 - Thomas Chen Joins the PKC Team


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