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The Metronomic Biofeedback Pump (MBP) is a fully implantable smart infusion device, designed to locally deliver chemotherapies or medication over time to a target site.  Current methods of treatment for brain cancer using chemotherapy require a patient to visit a doctor for twice weekly injections of relatively large quantities of the drug, causing spikes in the concentration present in the brain. The MBP seeks to improve on this by gradually delivering medication over time in smaller doses.  This minimizes initial peak concentrations as well as maintains effective levels of the drug over the duration of the treatment. It has been shown in a recent study that continuous treatment with chemotherapy improves the therapeutic effect and reduces the complications that commonly occur during the course of treatment.


Metronomic BioFeedback Pump (MBP)

Though treatment doses are standardized, the effects of chemotherapy vary widely among patients.  The MBP is capable of interfacing to a set of sensors and provides feedback to the doctors, including the ability to monitor varying concentrations of medication.   The drug concentration sensor has been tested and shown to be effective in monitoring concentrations of medications in real time.  This sensor-based, therapeutic drug monitoring enables doctors to individualize treatment by adjusting dosage using a secure wireless connection with the device over the course of chemotherapy. This capability to wirelessly communicate allows the patient to be treated from the comfort of their home instead of having to visit a doctor’s office for every dose of medication. The MBP is implanted in the chest similar to a pacemaker or in the abdominal cavity similar to pain management infusion pumps.  A catheter that travels under the skin connects the MBP to a delivery location such as the fluid surrounding the brain, minimizing the overall impact that chemotherapies can have on the body. 

An experimental version of our device has been developed and has been tested both in vitro and in vivo to validate its performance and functionality.  We are currently developing a second generation system to be used in long term pre-clinical and clinical trials.  The MBP has gone from a concept to a device that shows real potential for providing an effective addition to current therapies.

Metronomic BioFeedback Pump (MBP)

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