Smart Targeted Drug Delivery

Creating a new standard of care for the treatment and mitigation of tumor-based cancers.

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Cognos Therapeutics Inc. (Cognos) is an advanced medical device company focused on creating unique technologies to radically advance the diagnosis and treatment of neuropathic diseases including tumor-based brain and spinal cancers, degenerative cognition disorders (such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), cerebral trauma occurrences (such as epilepsy and stroke) as well as other Central Nervous System afflictions.

Cognos’ initial focus is on cancer treatment, in which localized chemotherapeutic and immunotherapeutic agents are delivered via an implantable pump which is capable of providing targeted, metronomic delivery of patient-specific chemotherapeutics directly into a tumor site. In addition, the pump, currently called the iPsum-g1, is also capable of providing real-time diagnostic and biologic environment data directly to the treating physician in order to allow for monitoring and adjustment of treatment at anytime from anywhere in the world.


This technology will change the standard of care for low-survival rate tumor-based cancers, such as leptomeningeal carcinoma, by moving the battle against these diseases from systemic, global treatment to a targeted site-specific modality where efficacy of treatment has a much higher success factor.