Unique Nano-Drug Formulation and Manufacture

Delivering pharma-therapeutics directly to disease site

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Nano-Kinesis is focused on creating innovative solutions and formulations for pharma-based nano-medical disease treatment. Nanomedicine applies the concept of nanotechnology to highly specific medical interventions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This involves the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale that can facilitate delivery of targeted drug therapy directly to a disease site, such as a cancer tumor.

Nano-Kinesis has developed a proprietary process by which it can create nano-particulate molecules that fall into a size range similar to proteins and other macromolecular structures found inside living cells. Using this methodology, Nano-Kinesis can encapsulate various pharmaceuticals to allow the delivery of the drugs to specific targets where standard injection or global systemic treatment is not as effective. In the area of brain cancer, existing chemotherapeutics are unable to traverse the blood brain barrier and therefor have little effect on a deeply embedded gliomas. By putting the drug into a nano-particulate state, the nanoparticle is able to cross this threshold and deliver the therapy directly to the tumor site. This ability to target a disease site for pharma-based treatment further allows the physician to develop individualized custom formulations of a high-impact to the disease while maintaining a low-toxicity exposure to the patient; an advancement current chemotherapies and radiation treatments do not provide.

Finally, Nano-Kinesis has pioneered the ability to create combinatorial nano-particulates allowing for multiple therapeutics to be combined within a single nanoparticle. The potential for disease mitigation in areas such as tumor-based cancers, is enormous.