SMART Responsive Surgical Device Technology

Providing enhanced tools for the real-time analysis of surgical bioresponse.

Neuro-Kinesis Logo
Neuro-Kinesis Corporation (NeKC) is the innovator of a variety of surgical medical device platforms all based on its proprietary development of advanced guidance and biosensing response technologies. The goal of NeKC is to expand the ability of the physician to be able to effectively navigate an area of interest with far more accurate telemetry and environment response data then current medical technology provides.

The keys to NeKC’s device technology is grounded in two areas of endeavor that the company has pioneered. The first is in advanced robotic-assisted magnetic guidance control systems. Based on decades of research and success by NeKC’s founders in developing guidance and control systems for aeronautic and defense use, including long histories with the U.S. Department of Defense for the Navy, Army and Air Force as well as aerospace giants like Lockheed Martin, the attention was turned to purposing the advances achieved to re-visioning the way in which surgeons are able to navigate inside the human body. Using an array of magnetic fields, NeKC guidance platform is able to move a specialized catheter along any directional access through a simple adjustment of the opposing magnetic forces. Combined with highly advanced 3-D imaging systems and specialized computer-operated robotics,  NeKC’s system can navigate the complex environments of the human body, such as the heart,  with far greater precision and repeatability than is currently achievable by manual catheter manipulation.

The second core technology is an adaptation of a proprietary biosensor technology. By fitting the micro-chip printable biosensor into an array of specialized surgical tools, NeKC can provide a surgeon real-time readings of tissue viability, neuro-electrical activity, fluid and mass density, and biomarker composition. This allows a surgeon to know instantly the bioresponse a procedure is having as well as the best path and method to navigate to an area of interest.

By combining advanced guidance and ground-breaking bioresponse technologies into innovative new surgical device platforms, NeKC is rapidly changing the face of surgical diagnostic care.