A History of Innovation

For over a decade, PKC has been changing the face of SMART Medical Devices and Targeted Diagnostic Care.


Pharmaco-Kinesis (PKC) is the innovator and developer of several advanced medical device technologies designed to accelerate the diagnostic, monitoring and treatment of identified critical-need diseases. All of PKC’s advanced technology platforms were established to optimize the convergence of real-time, smart biological-to-digital data analysis with unique targeted drug delivery systems and intelligent biosurgical tool implementation.

Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation (PKC) was founded in 2006 to coalesce and advance the innovative technology platforms its founders had been developing since 1999. The founders, who had extensive and successful histories in leading-edge technology design, disease research and neuro-oncology medicine, had created a novel approach for the targeted delivery of combinatorial chemotherapeutics directly into a tumor site while at the same time providing real-time biofeedback monitoring of the disease site in order to adjust treatment as needed.

This platform, which they titled Smart Drug Delivery System (SDDSTM) was the foundation for a device called the Magnetic Breather Pump (MBP). In 2006, the young company filed its first patent on the technology titled “Apparatus for Piezoelectric Layer-Wise Pump and Valve for Use in Local Administration of Biological Response Modifiers and Therapeutic Agents” (Application No. 10/614,685). Over the next several years, PKC filed over 45 patents related to their expanding IP as they continued to push the edges of technological development in the area of smart, targeted drug delivery and rapid, low-cost biosensor invention.

Because of their pioneering work PKC received numerous commendations and recognition for the advances they were bringing to disease treatment and mitigation. In 2009, PKC received the prestigious Stryker Neuro-Oncology Award at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. In 2012 they were given a Phase 1 SBIR Grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Cancer Institute. In 2013 and 2014, PKC was recognized by Frost and Sullivan, a globally recognized growth consulting firm that provides market research and analysis, growth strategy consulting, and corporate training services across multiple industries, as an industry leader in the field of Global Diagnostic Test Instruments and Biosensors for Life Sciences and awarded the company their “Best Practices Award – Company of the Year” in that field.

By 2015, PKC’s research and development had expanded from its initial focus on its SDDSTM technology into key proprietary breakthroughs in four areas of interest. The original MBP design had evolved into what is now called the iPsum-g1 system, an implantable drug-delivery system that can deploy individualized therapeutics directly to a targeted disease site, such as a cancer tumor, while giving a physician 24/7 bio-diagnostics allowing them to adjust and control the ongoing treatment. Next, the development of PKC’s advanced biosensor technology was developed as a stand-alone platform to create a paradigm shift in the ability to detect and monitor pathogens and disease-related biomarkers at their earliest stage with a portable, low-cost device at a fraction of the cost of current testing modalities. Thirdly, PKC developed a process of creating highly specialized combinatorial nano-drug formulations that can greatly increase the efficacy to target and treat tumor-based cancers. Finally, PKC has generated several patents for novel approaches to integrating its SMART DeviceTM technology into specific surgical tools to provide a surgeon real-time feedback and monitoring of the operation site.

In 2016, PKC formed four independent companies, the PKC Group of Companies, each tasked with bringing to market-readiness the various components of PKC’s innovative technologies. Sensor-Kinesis Corporation to handle the advancement of biosensor technology. Cognos Therapeutics Inc. to develop the iPsum-g1 technology. Neuro-Kinesis Corporation was established to further the innovations in SMART surgical tool apparatuses the company had created and finally Nano-Kinesis Corporation to take the pioneering work in combinatorial nano-drug technology innovated by PKC and expand its potential and while navigating the pathway to market for the resulting formulas.

While all IP and operation in moving these technologies forward has shifted to the four relevant companies, PKC, its founders and shareholders, continue to hold a strategic interest and supportive role in the progress and success of each of these vital companies.